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Community Programs

FSCC Community Programs

Family Service Counseling and Community Resource Center (FSCC) collaborates with the state, local counties, and local school districts in various community counseling programs including truancy prevention, homeless youth, and pregnant/parenting teens; tobacco-use education and cessation; and welfare to work.


Each of these effective community programs is designed to help individuals improve their emotional health at school, work, or home. Counseling services are provided by caring and experienced Licensed and Intern/Trainee Clinical Social Workers and Licensed and Intern/Trainee Marriage and Family Therapists.


With its partners, FSCC is currently running community programs in:

  • School Site Counseling
  • Tobacco Education and Cessation
  • Welfare-to-Work (CalWORKs)
  • General Assistance Mental Health Evaluation
  • MFT and MSW Clinical Internship
FSCC School Site Counseling

Having the opportunity to work through emotional problems with a caring and compassionate counselor makes all the difference to a young person struggling to find their way, helps keep suspensions down, keeps students from dropping out, and promotes healthier lifestyle choices.


In partnership with the San Leandro Unified School District, Family Service Counseling and Community Resource Center (FSCC) provides pro bono individual and group counseling services on site to students in San Leandro schools. Students are referred by school staff and concerned parents to receive these needed and helpful services.


Typically we work with the most emotionally challenged and truant students.  Because we provid this service at the school, we integrate our services with those of the school and collaboratively work with the teachers, administrators, and staff to ensure that our services are timely, proactive, and effective.


Our program helps these students to feel safer at school, to have better relationships with their teachers, and to believe that their education is more relevant and important to their futures. They are also more satisfied with the quality of education available to them, have fewer problems related to the physical and interpersonal environment at school, and earn higher grades.


In partnership with Alameda County, Family Service Counseling and Community Resource Center (FSCC) offers counseling services and life skills training to individuals who are unable to retain or maintain employment through the CalWORKs program. The goal of the program is to assist each individual to overcome the challenges in gaining and retaining employment.


This program offers:

  • Counseling services for individuals, children, couples, and families
  • Weekly support groups
  • Case management services


Click here for more information on the Welfare-to-Work program or visit

FSCC Tobacco Education

In partnership with the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE), Department of Public Health, and Hayward Unified School District, Family Service Counseling and Community Resource Center (FSCC) provides tobacco education and cessation counseling for youth who are currently using tobacco or at risk of becoming a tobacco user. The youth development component, with a curriculum developed by FSCC staff, focuses on the impact of racism and health disparities within their communities, and the marketing of tobacco products as related to that community. The goal is to help youth identify motivations for smoking and provide the tools to reduce or stop smoking.


This program offers:

  • School-based support
  • Educational workshops
  • Community referrals
FSCC General Assistance & Evaluation

In 2008, Family Service Counseling and Community Resource (FSCC) partnered with Social Services of Alameda County to provide mental health evaluations for General Assistance (GA) recipients. A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) would determine if a GA recipient’s inability to work is related to a temporary or permanent mental or emotional incapacity.


General Assistance is a state-mandated program that is locally administered and funded by the County of Alameda. Click here for more information or visit

FSCC Internship

Family Service Counseling and Community Resource Center (FSCC) collaborates with local universities including John F. Kennedy University, Holy Names University, Cal State East Bay and the University of San Francisco to provide excellent field placement supervision and experience for their Trainees.


FSCC complies with regulations required by the California Board of Behavioral Science to provide thorough supervision and experience for Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) Interns who are earning the 3000 hours post-masters experience for licensure, and Masters of Social Workers (MSW) Interns who are earning the 3200 hours post-masters experience for licensure.


By providing respectful and professional clinical supervision and experience for local Interns/Trainees, FSCC hopes to build strong, dedicated counseling professionals who will serve our community in the years to come.


Program Description


Trainees and Interns are assigned a Clinical Supervisor who is an experienced Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) on staff at FSCC. This supervisor oversees all of the Trainee/Intern’s direct service to clients. They meet weekly to discuss the Trainee/Intern’s cases and to continuously develop their skills as a therapist.


In addition to the weekly one-to-one clinical supervision, FSCC also offers a weekly two-hour Clinical Supervision Group. Interns/Trainees share challenges and grow with feedback from each other and from an experienced LMFT Clinical Supervisor.


Once per month, FSCC presents a two-hour didactic workshop for Interns/Trainees taught by community professionals or FSCC clinical staff. These presentations focus on various pertinent topics such as working with adolescents, grief work, and couples counseling.